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Featuring the amazing 30 X 3 metre  Wilpena Panorama , the 6 metre x 2.8 metre
Arkaroola water hole painting, the 8.5 x 3 metre sillers lookout painting , the
 6 X 3 metre cooper creek painting and the favourite 15 x 4.5 metre Ron's creek painting . The largest one Jeff has ever undertaken is now completed, The Arkaroola Panorama 46 x 5.5 metres.

This was taken on the 26th of May 2017at the opening of the new Arkaroola Panorama.
From left to right, Teresa Ramsey, Rowan Ramsey, Jeff Morgan, Miriam Morgan, Doug Sprigg and Vicky Wilson 

Jeff Morgan, internationally acclaimed fine artist, resides in Hawker, South Australia, a town surrounded by the uniquely beautiful Flinders Ranges, a well known tourist destination.
The natural flora, fauna and landscapes of the area provide endless inspiration for Jeff and his unique style of work.
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