News from Jeff Morgan Gallery, home of Wilpena Panorama Australia.

October 2013 Miriam and I, (Jeff) decided to go ahead with another Panorama next to the existing Wilpena Panorama. The new one is to be almost twice the size as the original one that we built just over 10 years ago . 
It will be of a scene found in the far northern Flinders Ranges at the amazing Wilderness Sanctuary of Arkaroola. Unlike most panoramas that are usually painted and viewed as from a high vantage point this one will be painted and viewed as if the viewer is standing in an almost dry creek bed surrounded by the beautiful Arkaroola hills and Gum trees, it will also include the Arkaroola Flora and fauna. The concept of viewing as if you are down in the scene has worked well with the 15 metre Ron’s Creek  painting that is also part of the Wilpena Panorama complex. The three existing sections and the new 360 degrees panorama will be all connected so that the viewer can walk from one to the next to increase the pleasure of the  experience .

New connecting passage between existing
Ron’s Creek and Wilpena Panoramas.
Existing Outback on Canvas display

We have already sourced the great piece of linen canvas from Gerriets in Hamburg  Germany. The size of the one piece is 60 metres x 6 metres without any joins. This was the only company we could find after extensive research over two months all over the world that could supply this size without any joins and heavy enough and of a good enough quality to be used for our new Panorama.

We have finally had planning approval to remove the old shopping centre and with the help of two of my Sons Brady and Terry demolition work is well under way.

Site for new Arkaroola Panorama 

The new Arkaroola Panorama will be housed in a 17metre x 6 metre high insulated steel building.

A 17 metre feature garden bed has now been built at the front of the proposed new building, containing an amazing display of Sturt desert peas and other indigenous plants.
A real eye opener as you enter the main centre of Hawker.

New signage has also been added to the existing Gallery.

A 3D floor mural in the passage between Ron's Creek and the Wiplena Panorama.

Updates will be added as we progress. Please go to New Arkaroola Panorama progress.