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         Open 10.00am - 4.00pm Monday - Friday

from the 1st of Nov. Saturday 10.00 am - 12 Noon
                       Closed on Sundays
Yes we are open over February

We feature these 2 AMAZING circular paintings: 
  • WILPENA PANORAMA circular painting (30 x 3metres)
  • ARKAROOLA WATER HOLE circular painting (46 x 5.5metres)

  • and the following straight paintings:
  • SILLERS LOOKOUT(8.5 x 3metres) 
  • COOPER CREEK (6 x 3metres) 
  • RON'S CREEK (15 x 4metres)
  • ARKAROOLA WATER HOLE  (46 x 5.5 metres) 

Our stuffed wedge tailed eagle on display in the Arkaroola Panorama.
Our latest addition to the collection . A 1926 Model T  this will be on show @ gallery when new carport goes up in April 2021
Part of our huge rock and mineral collection.

We now have on display over 100 cabinets of rocks and minerals.

Free pickup in our 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow or our 1960 Mark 2 3.8  Jaguar from Hawker Airport, is now available to any one who flies in to see Jeff's Panoramas. Entry to Panoramas  is $10.00 per person.

 To arrange a pick up just ring (08)  86484071 or  0428456133

This photo was taken May 26th 2017 when Rowan Ramsey (Federal M.P.) officially opened the new Arkaroola Panorama.
 L to R: Teresa & Rowan Ramsey, Jeff & Miriam Morgan, Doug Sprigg and Vicky Wilson (of Arkaroola) 

Jeff Morgan, internationally acclaimed fine artist, resides in Hawker, South Australia, a very small town surrounded by the uniquely beautiful Flinders Ranges which are a well known tourist destination.The natural flora, fauna and landscapes of the area provide endless inspiration for Jeff and his unique style of work.

The Governor of South Australia,
The Honourable Hieu Van Le  AC
visited the Jeff Morgan Gallery in July 2017.He is pictured here with Jeff and the Mayor of
The Flinders Ranges Council, Mr Peter Slattery.
The Governor said he was truly amazed
and gob-smacked at the quality of the huge round panoramas and the amazing rock and fossil displays. He couldn't liken it to anything he knew of 
in the world!

We look forward to you coming and seeing it all out for yourselves in the very near future and guarantee that you will not be disappointed!